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Forever Stainless Steel in the News!

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Forever Stainless Steel in the News!

Haircut for a star

Omaha World Herald,

August 11, 2009

What's Happening: A resident at the Nebraska Humane Society is the beneficiary of a grooming by Jorge Bendersky, a former contestant on Animal Planet's Groomer Has It.



Mama Bear is now a little more bare.

The 2-year-old Dutch sheepdog, a resident at the Nebraska Humane Society, was the beneficiary of a gratis grooming Monday by Jorge Bendersky, a former contestant on Animal Planet's first season of Groomer Has It.

Bendersky was in town for a seminar this week, and the grooming session, in front of a small crowd of mostly media, was held to raise awareness of the importance of regular grooming for pets.

Bendersky, who started showing dogs at 11 and has been grooming professionally for 16 years, spent about two and a half hours helping bathe Mama Bear and getting mats out of her fur before the grooming session commenced. Sheepdogs are prone to matting, said Humane Society spokeswoman Pam Wiese, and must be regularly groomed.

Through the snipping and buzzing, Mama Bear took everything in stride.

Good girl, Bendersky crooned as he brushed, and the dog wagged her tail.

She didn't even flinch when Bendersky started grooming her face.

I know there's a face underneath, he said. Everyone has one.

A clean dog is a healthy dog, Bendersky said.

Every pet owner should know the basics and importance of good grooming, he said.

Bendersky was brought to Omaha by Jeanne Caples, co-owner of Forever Stainless Steel and Jeanneworks.

Caples's Omaha-based company supplied the grooming bathtubs and tables for the Groomer Has It series, which is how Caples and Bendersky met.

Once the grooming session was over and a yellow bandanna had been tied around her neck for a finishing touch, a considerably less-fuzzy Mama Bear gamboled happily.

I think she needs a more glamorous name now, Bendersky said. But we'll leave that for her "forever" owner.


Forever Stainless Steel has brought a new standard of quality to the animal care industry. Crafted from the very finest quality materials, each piece is of unprecedented strength and longevity. presents revolutionary designs that are dramatic improvements over existing products.
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August 27, 2008

**** It's Jorge! ****

is very pleased to announce that Celebrity Dog Groomer and Animal Planet's Groomer Has It star Jorge Bendersky has joined our staff. Based in New York City, Jorge will offer creative input and make personal appearances on behalf of the Omaha, Nebraska-based maker of animal bathtubs and grooming tables. Jorge brings his passion and expertise to his new venture. Jorge's first official appearance with Forever Stainless Steel was during Pet Fashion Week 2008 in NYC, a show about glamour and passion. Jorge endlessly told all his fans, You can't have a fabulous final product if you don't start your process with fabulous equipment. The Forever Stainless Steel booth was "the" spot of the magnificently put together show; Jorge fans were delighted as they entered the hall to be greeted by the popular NY personality. Forever Stainless Steel products looked better than ever under the photo flashes surrounding Jorge and his fans, two non-stop days filled with picture taking and autograph sessions made the weekend unforgettable.


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Announcing...'s "Groomer Has It" Reality Show Inspired Contest Winner:

**** Kelli Ceraolo ****


Groomer Has It Winner

Last Updated on Tuesday, 11 November 2008 04:35
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